Every holiday has their own color palette and festive patterns.

Holiday wall hangings, stockings, table runners, paneled pictures and any other family or local traditions that make the holidays special for you.

You can personalize a family recipe, have a festive tree blanket or bring a children’s story to life in  cozy quilt.

Some of these keepsake items can be handed down for generations.

Quilts make the most wonderful, thoughtful gifts during the holidays or any time of year.

Something special for any holiday – traditional or something just for your traditions.

Wall Hangings

Bring the festive to your home on the holidays – these also make great gifts.

Tree Skirts

I create unique and festive tree skirts – something made from your materials, fun patterns and traditional ones.

Cozy Blankets

If there is one thing we need during the holidays it is cozy blankets. We can create a custom pattern or use some of my traditional designs.

Holiday Recipes

Do you have a family recipe that you want to share with the next generation – create a wall  hanging to keep the holiday traditions alive.

Get in touch now

If you have a great idea that you want to see created or you are looking for a special keepsake gift for someone please reach out to see if I can help you make it happen.