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Warm and snuggly gifts that you can surround yourself in with comfort and love


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I have been sewing and designing for many years and my work has been featured in a major newspaper magazine. I have been featured on a tv show with some of my unusual items.

Great pleasure is taken in creating one of a kind items and I have tried to create new and unusual items such as embroidered pictures along with combining quilted items and embroidery.

None of the items has a price on them as each one is different and all have different sizes. Prices will be given upon request.

If there is anything that you have an interest in, please feel free to contact me through email and phone or fax. I look forward to hearing from you with your requests. All questions will be answered in a timely manner.

All of the items are made and personally handcrafted by me with care.


Be prepared to be pleasantly surprised!


Quilted Comforts offers those warm and snuggly gifts that you can surround yourself in with comfort and love. Prepare to wrap yourself in a warm quilt while hugging a patchwork teddy bear or favorite doll. Dress accordingly for the weather and wear a patchwork jacket that is made for comfort and style.

Just amazing creativity and quality. My quilt will be handed down for generations. It tells a story – I am so grateful and highly recommend and of her work!

Her beautiful work creates a real holiday feel around our house. Work is top notch – and absolutely beautiful!

Her work has fetched the highest bids at our auctions – amazing detail and craftsmanship

What can I make for you?

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Feel free to send me an email. I welcome any inquiries, ideas, and orders big and small.